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Capture your audience's attention with stunning visual content.

$ 125
  • 25 Photos
  • Virtual Tour
$ 350
  • 25 Photos, Floor Plan, 3D Tour, Room Measurements, & Neighborhood Info.
$ 150
  • 30 Photos
  • Virtual Tour
$ 400
  • 30 Photos, Floor Plan, 3D Tour, Room Measurements, & Neighborhood Info.
$ 175
  • 36 Photos & Virtual Tour
  • YouTube Video
$ 500
  • 36 Photos, Floor Plan, 3D Tour, Room Measurements, & Neighborhood Info.
$ 200
  • 36 Photos & Virtual Tour
  • YouTube Video
$ 625
  • 36 Photos, Floor Plan, 3D Tour, Room Measurements, & Neighborhood Info.
$ 250
  • 40 Photos, Tour & Video
  • TV Insert & Sky Replace
$ 775
  • 40 Photos, Floor Plan, 3D Tour, Room Measurements, & Neighborhood Info.
Magazine quality images & same-day delivery on most shoots.
Make your marketing stand out! Multi-flash studio lighting is perfect for producing high-quality web & print images.

Shooting with wireless multi-flash units and a bare bulb strobe with 360-watt output adds drama, dimension, illuminates fine details, reduces floor glare, and adds vibrancy to the view from a window. We feel it's an essential part of producing stunning images. We use multiple flash units and a portable medium format strobe to light a room creating dramatic, eye-catching results. This product is designed for realtors and trades wanting impactful images and interactive tours for marketing.

Photography by the hour is $125 for every 30 minutes on location. We tailor the product to your specific needs. If your needing targeted areas (or feel the need to direct the shoot) of a home, or business or a product photographed for a website or printed media, this is a cost-effective solution for quality photography and unhindered usage rights for any application. Builders, remodelers, interior designers, Air B&Bs, landscapers, Auto dealerships, and magazines have used our services.

  • Super Fast Delivery
  • Superior Quality Images
  • Beautiful Virtual Tour
  • Always available media web page
  • Email & text delivery notifications
  • Workgroups Work with a team or a listing coordinator? Your team's media is collectively accessible in one location. No need to forward the delivery notification, they also get a text and email!
  • Email, post, and share with a click
  • Tours posted to Facebook with your contact info
  • Videos posted to YouTube with your contact info
  • Customizable Listing Folder Inserts
  • Tutorials & Help
  • Eternal Usage Rights Use your images for as long as you like, we provide a unique in the industry relationship were you receive a non-transferable image licensing agreement. No Extra fees to reuse the images!
The best choice for impact branding
Huge "WOW" factor! Experience a property like you were stepping through the door down to the smallest detail with this immersive 3D virtual tour featuring detailed property information. This product offers a complete listing package with 3D tour, photos, floor plan, room measurements, and sell sheet generator!

Differentiate yourself from your competition and create unique marketing programs for your listings and business. Extend your storefront with Google Business View, enable new home buyers to virtually access the floor plan at any time. iGuide's immersive virtual reality tour provides measurements, floor plans, and interactive tools to engage prospects with a wealth of details not available on other platforms.

  • Branded and Unbranded Interactive 3D Tour
  • Photo Gallery
  • Floor Area Calculations
  • i Guide Report & Analytics
  • iGuide VR, add $50
  • PDF Floor Plans
  • Embedding Codes
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Neighborhood Map & Details
  • On-Screen Measurement
  • Eternal Usage Rights Use your images for as long as you like, we provide a unique in the industry relationship were you receive a non-transferable image licensing agreement. No Extra fees to reuse the images!
Aerial Photos
$50 added to any full-service shoot. Drone only $150
Drone flights are highly regulated. Luckily, Texas enables us to use drones for Real Estate. We abide by all Local, State and Federal laws and regulations. Even if you have requested a drone flight we may not be able to fly the drone due to weather conditions, wind speed, nearby airports, FAA Temporary Flight Restrictions, prohibited areas, tree coverage, or power lines. Federal Regulations prohibit drone pilots from flying over humans, near an airport, or 400 feet above ground level. We must maintain a visual line of sight with our craft, and fly only during daylight hours. We cannot launch when the wind exceeds 11 miles per hour, if the terrain is not acceptable for flight, or operate the craft from a moving vehicle. It’s your responsibility to ensure the particular city ordinances and homeowners association allows drone photography. You are responsible for any fines or fees levied against us for a violation from a governmental entity or a homeowner association.
360 Residential
$50 added to any full-service shoot

Eye-catching interactive 360s images pack a wallop of buyer engagement. We’ve discovered that 360s invite interaction from everyone buyers, sellers, agents even we are tickled by the ability to display these compelling images. Sellers love seeing the dynamic view of the home from the app on our phone.

Homes featuring a 360 tour enjoy 30% more viewership!

Buyers, the ultimate target of our work spend significantly more time on a tour offering a mix of 360s, images, and movies as to tours presenting just still images. Buyers tripled the time spent viewing the online virtual tour when we add 360s to the mix! Our 360 tour is syndicated with your MLS listing via the virtual tour URL. At $25 for three its well worth the impact of the web.


Street View
$400 for 3000 SqFt
Plant your flag on Google Maps! Your Google business listing is one of your company’s most visible asset. Improve your presence with immersive Google Street View lets people experience your location before they arrive. Provide prospective guests a virtual experience when they find your property on Google Search or Google Maps. You will get 3D image upload to your Google business listing, an interactive floor plan of areas scanned, professional photography, interactive 3D Virtual Tour of your business.
Moderated Walkthrough
$250 for 5 minutes

Create compelling VR full motion video tour experience; these 360 videos are specifically designed to be posted on Facebook and YouTube. Working from your script, we will record you as you walk through the home describing features. Need an exciting video of a neighborhood or city? Consider a 360 video.


$100 add-on
$150 Stand-alone
A twilight shoot transforms the simplest property into a dazzling and dramatic display of the home. Twilight puts the mundane details into the shadow and highlights the structure. Well placed uplighting makes it truly magnificent. Twilights start leisurely and suddenly start moving very fast. They require additional time, configuration lighting, and equipment. We will arrive early and work with the agent or the homeowner to get the home ready for this special type of photography.
Exterior Only
When the interior isn't ready or your coordination a listing over a seasonal change an exterior only shot is an excellent solution to have your listing look it's best over the winter. We'll be on the property for about 30 minutes.
Farm & Ranch
Starting at $350
We usually shoot Farm and Ranch as a team and on a Saturday so we can take the time to thoroughly document the property. We'll bring all our cameras, lights, stands, drones, video gear, and 360 equipment. You'll get all our work product: photos, video, drone and 360 from the visit. We do require that you provide transportation within the ranch.
Additional Processing
Color enhancement and fix minor defects, such as greening grass or removing wall art. Sky & TV replacement to fix a gloomy sky or place a photo of the house on the blank TV screen. Edits are compliant with MLS guidelines. We do not remove power poles, water towers, clean badly stained carpets, insert grass, or remove a car from the driveway.
County Charges
Start at $25
We've shot homes in South Carolina, California, El Paso, Houston, orchards in New Mexico, ranches in Oklahoma, Fredericksburg B&Bs. If we can get there, we'll shoot it. As you can see we enjoy toodling about with our camera, however, our prime service area is Tarrant county. If your property is more than a 45-minute drive from central Fort Worth we lose a time slot and charge a trip fee. We routinely shoot in Dallas, Granbury, and Rowlette and will try an book shoots close to each other. Parking and Tolls apply.
We do shoot on weekends, Saturday is a full shooting day, with an additional $25, and Sunday we only have two appointments 2 pm, and 4 pm, these are an additional $50.
$35 Each
These are non-contiguous structures or living areas with a separate entrance like pool houses, garage apartments, unattached buildings, barns, stables, outbuilding not included primary residence square footage.
Branded Video
$35 Each
We will insert your branding on to our video. Add music: $937.53
Homes over 6000 SqFt
$50 per 1000
6001 and above add $50 per 1000 Sq Ft or increment thereof
$50 for 10 Acres
If the property is located on more than two acres it requires more time to document; this fee is waived if you purchase drone.